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How did it start?

Because of love, a young and up-to-date couple inherits the romance and perseverance of classic love, and establishes a happy dream garden for orphans from different regions and different skin colors.

In this piece of music that carries happiness and hope, there is no irritability in the city, no turmoil under the Chinese lanterns, only warm and hazy sunshine, vivid flowers and plants, comfortable flowing rivers, quiet and far-reaching paths.

There are also twelve homes built from the twelve elements of "air, sun, water, forest, city wall, starlight, life, vitality, fun, joy, dream, future", symbolizing the possession of "love" and creation. The power of dreams.

The world has created a variety of wonderful existences in the name of love. VEDELURE is presented in the name of love. The philosophy of love lies in the coffee. The perfume is filled with the taste of love. The castle is engraved with love. Years, speed records different definitions of love... The charm of love does not stop there, VEDELURE will show you more stories about love, and happiness will spread.

Please bring the key and open the door to the Dream Garden with V.E.DELURE.