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  • 2020 spring and summer ordering fair

    V.E.DELURE 2020 spring and summer menswear conference was held on July 3, 2019 at the Pullman Hotel in Guangzhou.
    This new product reinvents the classic, fusing the brand culture and design, revealing the inner beauty and harmonious.
    Thanks to all parties and investors of V.E.DELURE, for witnessing the release of V.E.DELURE 2020 new spring products . V.E.DELURE Men's Wear is working with you to create a better future!
  • Victory in Nanning, winner of the Sudirman Cup

    In the final of the 2019 Sudirman Cup, the Chinese team won the match against Japan by 3-0. After four years, the Chinese team won the championship. This is the 11th time that Guoyu has won the Sudiman, creating a new record in the history of the Sudirman Cup.
    V.E.DELURE - The apparel image consultant of China badminton team
  • Concise style from the East,romatic from the west

    TThe European lifestyle is ubiquitously integrated into an environment with an oriental charm; It can be culture, food, architecture, and can be all aspects of life; It can be classic and fashionable; The times will always belong to the future, creating a border between noble and free, using new and fashionable materials; Infused with multi-level life scenes, meticulously designed, and fine details with luxurious materials such as marble; Establishing a new vane of high-quality menswear and refining the design language.